Purposes of the different types of lamp shades

 Without a lampshade, a bulbs light is spread across the room evenly and can bring discomfort to a person staring at it. Bare bulbs can be used in high places but may be risky in places where a person’s stare may accidentally stare it and cause accident or eye damage like in closets or staircases in addition to the discomfort.  Discussed below are the varieties of lamp shades in accordance with their venues of installation and their application.
 To start with, we look at a typical lamp shade  used for a floor lamp that is made of a clothe or paper and passes through some amount, but not all amount of light hence making it translucent.  This type focuses light in two directions, first downwards to be used for a person reading near the lamp and upwards towards the ceiling to join the other one from the sides to light up the room. When light is blocked from penetrating through the sides, people who may be walking around or sitting do not have a direct glare but receive that from the ceiling and through the shade.
 Secondly, we are focusing on a smaller lamp shade, a product of Lampshade Direct, which focuses light narrowly compared to the one above and is used mainly for task focusing. This light maintains darkness throughout the rest of the focus area and makes sure that the people who are not on task are not distracted while it enhances the focus of the ones using it.

 The next type of a lamp shade is that which is used for a table lamp and only lets some small amount of light through the side of the lamp shade. Most of the light goes down but covers an area larger than the size of the bottom of the lamp due to the cone shape of the lamp.  The height of the lamp determines the are it illuminates, which makes Lampshade produce different sizes of lamps.
 The last type of lampshade is the lighting cues in restaurants which are lifted high above the tables so that the seated people see well while eating.  These lamp shades give an ambient lighting that is low for the purpose of relaxation but has the exception of the where fast table turnover is being promoted. 

 To wrap up, lamp shades protect eyes by protecting them from the naked glare towards the bulb and also assist in focusing light to a suitable direction or prevent it from accessing some directions.  Lamp shades present a great significance to humans seeing that people have invested and innovated a lot in the form they come in. You can get more details at  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/diy-lampshade_n_3383688.